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July 1
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Strange situation in BC Melbet and a happy outcome

Hello, my name is Lyudmila, my ID is 216685873 at Melbet.

An incredible story happened to me today (09/13/2020). I used to bet on 1xbet and PariMatch, but then I got tired of the 1xbet site being terribly stupid, and PariMatch takes a commission for withdrawal and I decided to try a new bookmaker.

I looked at the rating on the Bookmaker Rating website, read reviews, asked my friends and decided to try Melbet. I started an account a week ago, threw in 6-7 hryvnia thousand in parts, won something, but in the end I still lost and threw another 5 thousand. I was incredibly lucky for the first time in my life the day before yesterday and yesterday to win more than 80 thousand hryvnia. This is my first time and I was very happy.

I put 20 thousand on the withdrawal yesterday, but I was not allowed to withdraw and demanded documents. I was very surprised that this was not the case at PariMatch and 1xbet. First they asked for a passport photo, then they asked for a photo of the card with which I replenished the account, moreover they asked for an extract from a bank card, a photo with a passport against the background of correspondence with the security service. After 2 minutes, a question came – “Specify, who do you have Vladislav Panchenko?” – I replied that this is a guy from my dorm

Several hours of waiting and the following message comes:

Hello, We would like to inform you that we have made a decision to terminate cooperation with you (close the gaming account), based on the General Provisions of the Melbet rules. If a player commits fraudulent actions against a bookmaker, the company reserves the right to prevent such actions by canceling bets made in this way; appeals to law enforcement agencies on the fact of committing fraudulent actions by such a client. The decision was made after a thorough investigation of the situation by our security service. Based on the results of the investigation, we have reason to believe that all bets on sports events from this gaming account were made in violation of these rules. We ask you not to create new gaming accounts in our company. In view of the fact that your actions are a gross violation of the rules of our company, the decision to terminate cooperation is final and not subject to revision. All requests from you on the topic of blocking will be ignored.

The funny and saddest thing at the same time is that they didn’t even bother to write the reason for blocking, except for violations of the general

In response to this message, I asked

“I didn’t quite understand. Why did you make this decision? And that is, I can withdraw my money now? “

What did they answer me

“All information has been provided to you.”

This is some kind of real surrealism. But there is more. They just blocked access to my account. That is, now, when I log in, it says “not the correct username or password.” At the same time, when I press the forgot password, then a new one comes to me by login). That is, it is simply FRAUD in its purest form. I am very lucky to have a photo and proof of everything. Never register on the MELBET website, because as soon as you can win money, they will not let you take it.

If the company returns the money to me after this message, then I will change the review and report it. Otherwise, I will bring this information to the maximum number of people

I have already submitted a complaint to the Bookmaker Rating. Now I am considering a solution to the problem through the courts.

UPD: The money was returned, the issue was resolved after talking with a senior employee. As they explained to me, the intern employee overdid it.